Thursday, 12 June 2008

Half a million to spare?

This is the newest addition to the village. I've got nothing against building on vacant lots within the village, in fact the two developments near the centre in the last few years have been useful and appropriate. I do wonder, with this house, if I'd want to pay the asking price, given its limited grounds and position. It doesn't seem to fit at the moment, but that may well be because I'm not used seeing it there. It's called "Beech Tree House".

Because I'm still not driving, I've got two weeks to wait until I'll be allowed to get behind the wheel, I've been concentrating on taking a few photos of the various visitors to the garden, and of course birds and moths have dominated this, as few butterflies have appeared so far this year and there aren't too many mammals to see. I know a least one hedgehog is around, as he's left his calling card but we've not bumped into each other yet.

Last night was fairly mild and overcast with little wind, consequently it was quite good for moths. Most were common those that i expect to see, but I had a couple of more interesting catches.

This moth is called a Scorched Wing. The fine cross lines make to wings look as if they are moving, even when they are quite still. I'm not quite sure if this acts as a camouflage, breaking up the outline or is just an accidental optical illusion. This is only the second one I've caught here, as it is more usually encountered in woodland rather than gardens.

I think the family of plume moths are a fascinating group. They almost look more like Daddy Long-legs than moths. This one goes under the name of Amblyptilia punctidactyla. It is sitting on paper with 2mm squares, so its wings span is about 22mm. There are about 26 species of plume moths that occur in the UK, but the one most people will have seen is the White Plume Moth, that looks like a small feather as it files along.

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