Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Hawking around

Because they are large and because they are often striking and beautiful Hawk moths are among the favourites of most people interested in natural history.

Last night I caught one of my favourite moth, the Small Elephant Hawk-moth. This diminutive moth is the smallest of our common resident Hawk-moths. The fore-wing length of about 21mm is only about 40% of the Privet Hawk-moth below. The Small Elephant does bear a resemblance to its larger relative, the Elephant Hawk-moth, but is only about two thirds the size and lacks the olive green colour on its fore-wings and black on the hind wings. The caterpillars feed mainly on bedstraws, but the adults are attracted to flowers such as Honeysuckle, Red Valerian and Rhododendrons.

The Privet Hawk-moth is large enough to be almost bird like if it flies in the daytime, and is our largest resident Moth.

Cricket - Well done to Kent winning their first 20-20 match of the season, I wish they'd done it with more than one ball to spare, it had me chewing my finger nails, wathcing on the box.

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John Young said...

Hi Tony, i've never seen small elephant hawkmoth so interesting to see a photo. Love the privet hawkmoth with the hindwings visible what a beauty.