Sunday, 1 June 2008

Keeping up with Jack

Unfortunately I'm still not able to get out and take photographs, this is making me rather frustrated but I will have to be patient. I am still running the moth trap in the garden and last night I caught my first Hawk-moth of the year.

The Poplar Hawk-moth normally has arrive by the last week of May, so this year is on the late side. My seven year old grandson, Jack, is into the hobby and is "in charge" of Pete's trap up in Clitheroe, Lancashire. Nearly very morning he "Skypes" me with a report of what he's caught, and he's been doing very well. Not only does he manage to do most of the identification himself, with Pete helping on the odd ones that prove difficult, he is also producing a well ordered list to show me each day. He's been very proud that he's already shown me three species of Hawk-moth this year, via his WEB Cam, so I've managed to catch up a bit! Both he and Josh are interested in almost every thing that is going on in the natural world, which is really reassuring, It's great to know that the next generation will enjoy the world around them as much as I always have.

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