Saturday, 31 May 2008

Bad neighbours

A pretty family group, four babies and their parents. As my cousin said, Ah how sweet. The problem is these noisy quarrelsome geese are a real nuisance. As with many introductions they upset the natural balance of things so I and I suspect many others were disappointed that they have managed to nest on the Restharrow Scrape this year. I hope that something will be done to deter them before they get too numerous and do a take over in the area.

We had lunch in the garden andI put out the remains of the prawn shells in the hope that something would eat them. A couple of Herring Gills popped in but weren't impressed but this Carrion Crow lived up to his name and had a good fill. Hopefully what he left will interest a badger to night.
At Bockhill Brendan and Phil found a Subalpine Warbler at 6 a.m. but it wasn't seen again and later in the morning four Buzzards and Two Red Kites flew over.

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John Young said...

Have to agree with you Tony. Whilst cute when young they tend to be a bit of nuisance when all grown up.