Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Building or just giving the old place a Makeover?

Hot mid July isn't normally very exciting bird wise, but there was quite a lot to watch from the Rest Harrow Scrape hide this afternoon.

I was intrigued to see a good number of House Martins landing on the sandy island in front of the hide. They appeared to be collecting mud. It does seem rather late if they are starting new nests, perhaps they are doing running repairs to old nests. It does seem that some arrived very late this year, I would be interested to know if any new nests are being built so late in the season.

Further out a Dabchick was diving and occasionally coming up with what looked like a small fish. It carried this precious morsel towards the reed bed, and just as he arrive one of the young would dash out to be fed.

A little later one of the still stripy young came in front of the hide. It seem incredibly tiny compared to the large Coot chicks around, but it made its way back to the parent birds safely.

All the time a group of up to seven young Yellow Wagtails were chasing around. Every now and again a few would settle for a while to bathe. I saw one dragging weed out of the lake, but I'm pretty sure they won't eat pond weed, perhaps it was finding invertebrates.

At one point one came over to the near side of the scrape, and called a couple of time before continuing the chase with the others.

One of the young Lapwing also flew over and paraded in front of the hide.

I think Lapwings are stunning looking birds and the juvenile, with the pale edgings to all the wing feathers is very attractive. I can understand why, when one occasionally arrives in the USA it causes a major twitch, rather like a Kildeer over here.

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Kingsdowner said...

Glad to hear that at least a few Yellow Wagtails have appeared this year - they've been scarce so far.

I like the lapwing shot!