Monday, 21 July 2008

Bockhill Butterflies

A walk round Bockhill Farm in the sunshine this afternoon revealed that there are still quite a few butterflies around if the conditions are right. This morning at home Pam found the first Small Tortoiseshell I'd seen since a very early one in spring.

Among the Gatekeepers and Meadow Browns we found a few Large Skippers and more Marbled Whites.

Where the "big" field has been left to go to seed there is a profusion of wild flowers, which hopefully will encourage even more butterflies.

In the farm wood a couple of speckled woods patrolled their territories. There were few birds to be seen as we walked round, but we did come across both singing Yellowhammer and Corn Bunting and had two distant and one extremely close views of Sparrowhawks. One Southern Hawker was our total encounters with dragonflies.

When we go back Sam and Simon had fun in our excercise pool.

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