Sunday, 20 July 2008

So Many Pebbles

Simon and Sam came down to the beach with us this evening. There seemed to be some shrimping going on, but I don't know how successful it was.

Sam was overwhelmed by the choice of stones he had to throw, I expect he'll learn about how many pebbles there are on the beach in later life.

As we ate our fish and chips at the Coastguards we could see rain showers out in the Channel, and one of them produced the rather understated rainbow.

The sun peaking through brought some interesting reflections in the clouds.

Sam tried to impress by reading about the cultural events in Deal, but when the meals arrived he quickly forgot this and got down the job of pinching bits off Daddies plate!


Pat said...

Next time he comes down you could take part in the World Beach project

Tony Morris said...

An interesting site Pat,