Saturday, 19 July 2008

Changing Faces

Foxley, although not quite completed is looking nearly the finished article.

The bungalow conversion on the other side of our house is now moving ahead at a pace with the roof tiles starting to going on. The roofers must have good nerves to be up there in the winds we've had in the last few days (weeks...months?), rather them than me!

I liked this picture, it looks like the latest monster out of Dr Who, it is an Early Thorn showing his hairy eyes! A close up completely transforms the perception of what this looks like!

This little chap changes completely when it lands, as it folds its wings up it transforms itself into an imitation of a bird dropping, when it's flying it more easy to see the reason it's call a Chinese Character.
Other moths: I caught another Evergestis limbata last night, and a Langmaid's Yellow Underwing the night before.

The title today is taken from one of my favourite Albums!

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