Monday, 28 July 2008

Corn Bunting search.

More birding with Michel, our visitor from Hamburg, took us to Sandwich, in search of a Corn Bunting, a bird he hadn't seen before. I told him we couldn't miss it, one was always in the same place.

As Murphy's law would have it the Corn Bunting that normally sings in the field opposite the Rest Harrow Scrape wasn't in place. The scrape held nothing exciting but I was amused to see this distant Little Grebe, out of the water and standing quite upright, almost like a small Penguin. I reckon it was about 125 yards away, hence the ropey picture.

In front of the hide both Moorhen and Coot fed amongst the algae.

The algae has been building up and in this hot weather it will quickly become a thick mat. I don't know it this will cause problems or not, but at one point today a Ringed Plover landed on a patch in the middle of the water.

A couple of Stock Doves came down to drink, but stayed a distance from the hide. When we left the hide the Corn Bunting eventually came and gave us a jingle for his designated bush. A bit far for a photo, but through the scope it was obvious that he was looking a bit worn.

One of Michel's favourite birds, form his visit three years ago was the Fulmar, but a walk along the under cliff Kingsdown showed that they had already left their nests and the best we could hope of would be sea views.

The House Martins were still in occupation, although this brood looked almost ready to leave.

A few more moths and one or two that I don't see very often. This Pebble Hook-tip is the second I have caught here.

The Northern Rustic is quite unusual in Kent but it is the third one I've caught in St Margaret's, the other two were last year, one here and one in Tim Burden garden, at Copperfield.

This is the third record I have here of this small moth, previously one in 2003 and one in 2006, both in the second half of July.

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