Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Great British day out.

We have a young visitor from Germany, Michel. He is interested in all aspects of natural history, but is particularly eager to find areas of wilderness. He isn't going to be able to in Kent, and on his holiday with his parents to Scotland he will still find most areas modified by the human hand, and that's even without Donald Trumps' hand.
We went along to Samphire Ho, and I was amazed at how crowded the Car Park was. However, true to form for the Sunday outing, once you got more than 50 yards from the Car park, cafe and toilets the place was almost empty. Thank goodness for the inability of most people to walk further than the chip shop. A family party of at least five Kestrel and a couple of energetic Peregrines were in evidence along the top of the cliff.

The pond, it's actually in the centre of the photograph above, had several Emperor Dragonflies zooming about and round one side three or four Black-tailed Skimmers kept landing on the dried mud. A very patient photographer was set up to get pictures of the Emperors in flight. I hope he does better than I've managed, it's a difficult task. He told me that there were some Broad-bodied Chasers around, but i failed to see them.

It's not just moths that I find in the trap. This Weevil, with a very long proboscis was waiting for me this morning.

It is about 5mm long and I think is in the genus Curculio, but I'm not sure which species.

From this angle it looks like the vacuum cleaner out of the Telly Tubbies.

I rather liked this little moth, Evergestis pallidata, it has a wing span of about 25mm, but unfortunately it's got a damaged corner to the right wing. Just the same it's an interesting pattern.

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