Saturday, 26 July 2008

Help needed from Arachnophiles.

It's funny what you find when you're sitting in the smallest room in the house!

This rather splendid arachnid, has been dwelling in our downstairs wash room for a while. It's about 6cm across and when mildly disturbed has a very unusual habit of vibrating backwards and forwards on its web.

I decided to take some pictures and try to identify if in the Collins Guide to Spiders etc. So for I haven't had any luck, so if you're an expert let me know. A close up shows the three tone knees rather nicely.

I've only caught a few Kent Black Arches, the last one was almost exactly a year ago, about the time that Kent won last years 20-20 Cup. So when there was one in the trap this morning I thought that it might just be a good omen for today. They came so close to winning the final, loosing by just three runs with the game in the balance until the last ball. Consequently today's been a bit of a couch potato day with three games to watch.

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