Saturday, 5 July 2008

A flash in the woods.

Moth traps attract thins other than moths at times. A few night ago thee were hundreds of tiny Water Boatmen in one of my traps.
Last night this Water Beetle Agabus bipustulatus was in to bottom. It was only just over 1cm long and very glossy.
From the underneath you can see its powerful legs for swimming. It was happily re-united with water just after the pictures were taken.

Quite a lot of Hoverflies end up in the trap, although this one was feeding in a bramble patch. It's a Great Pied Hoverfly Volucella pellucens and the larvae live in the nests of Common or German Wasps, sometimes several dozens can be found in a single nest.
The female Badger that came last night appears to be a hard working mum. We thought that it was a different individual to the female we've had before.

I had a quick look at Captains Wood this afternoon. It the first time I've been since the beginning of May, and stupidly I hadn't expected it to be as dark inside as it was. As a well grown, not particularly managed coppice woodland the trees are close and now the canopy was well leafed it was f8 for a fortnight or flash.

This Lords and Ladies, a common plant but always a favourite of mine is taken from an angle I normally wouldn't use. But I now have to remember to take a cushion or something similar if I want low angles, kneeling or squatting on my haunches no longer being an option. The birds were quiet with Song Thrush, Blackcap and Chaffinch being the only singers I heard.


Warren Baker said...

I wondered what those hoverflies were Tony. seen a few of them around pittswood

Cheryl said...

What a lovely post....I love the hoverfly, they always make such good subjects.

Wonderful to see a badger....I live amongst farm land and I am afraid they are persecuted here. Very sad.

Cheryl said...

Hi Tony...thanks for visiting my blog. I did know that badgers are protected by law....unfortunately it is hard to gather evidence.....but I know that it goes on.
I used to have a family visit my garden two years ago....they disappeared overnight and the badger trail stopped....