Friday, 22 August 2008

A day/night match

From an open window I could here the noise of the Combine at about 9 p.m. They say make hay while the sun shines, but it seems that if it doesn't shine, make hay under flood lights is the new method.

A look at the filed along side Station Road revealed a whole hive of activity. As the wheat was cut the corn was fed into a trailer towed by one tractor, while another towing another machine was going backwards and forwards along the already cut strips. I'll have to find out what the second tractor was doing.

Under floodlights the whole operation seemed to take place at a great pace, but it probably is an illusion caused by the strange shadows thrown by the lights that seem to move rapidly across the field.
This was the second tractor and some of the machine it was towing, I some how cut off the back end, I think I was dazzled by the lights.

After the success of Tim Brabants in the 1000M K1 race at the Olympics it was good to see this young man, already in training for 2012.

You know that it Autumn when you find an Old Lady in your moth Trap! Apart from this beauty the only other moth of note last night was a Saltern Ear, a moth rarely recorded away from the coast.

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