Saturday, 23 August 2008

Mirror, Mirror

After trying to photograph Green-veined Whites all summer (if that's what we've had) and only managing a very tatty individual this one flew into the conservatory while I was emptying my moth traps.
The very heavily dusted veins are the main feature separating this species from the Small White. It resolutely refused to pose with it's wings open.

Double-striped Pugs have started reappearing in my traps, this is the second generation of the year. It's possible if the weather is mild to catch them through to October or even November, perhaps representing a third generation.

After the rain the puddle at the corner of the Droveway has reappeared, but the only birds using it while I watched were Linnets. Earlier this year I photographed several adults here, today they were mostly juveniles. I'm not sure if this one is going to drink or admiring its reflection.

There are loads of Thistles in seed at the moment, it's a family I really like and the seeds are a valuable source of food for birds, especially Goldfinches.

Looking around at trees the continuous wind seems to have taken its toll. Most of the leaves look "wind burnt" and the trees are decidedly tired looking already.


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

I know what you mean about the thistles, yesterday evening there were c20 Goldfinches absoloutly devouring them! Great photos

Warren Baker said...

Also know what you mean about the trees. there won't be much of a show this autumn