Monday, 4 August 2008

Missed Opportunity

A phone call from Jack alerted me to the fact that a Wood Warbler was showing at Bockhill, and should be easy to photograph. When I arrived at the spot there were quite a few warblers in he area but sadly I didn't find the Wood Warbler.

Willow Warbler

There had obviously been a good arrival of Willow Warblers, at this time of year most are young birds and are very yellow, like the bird above. Their "hoo-it " calls could be heard along the hedge leading to the monument and a brief view of a one warbler in flight looked interesting, but I failed to relocate it.

Small White

The edge of the wood was full of butterflies, mainly Meadow Browns, Gate Keepers and whites, the most numerous of which were small whites.

Large White

Quite a few Large Whites were nectaring on the flowers, and probably popping into Bert's garden to lay eggs on his cabbages!

Green Veined White

Green Veined White was also represented, but all the ones I found were a bit ragged. You can see the very prominent veins, although these are not as obvious in the second brood as in the first.

Gatekeepers competed with Meadow Browns for the most numerous species present.


Commas can often be found on fruit and berries, in this case on elder, presumably feeding on the juice of the ripe berries.

Holly Blue

I did see one Common Blue in a grassy area but along the hedge there were several Holly Blues. They seldom sit with their wings open and I only managed pictures with the wings closed.

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