Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Car Park Full

The wood at Bockhill Farm was much quieter today with few of the Willow Warblers left. I heavy overcast condition fewer butterflies were flying, apart from the numerous Small Whites.

A long the hedge, leading up to the monument, I could hear what sounded like a strangulated version of a Corn Bunting song. Closer investigation found the bird, and I wondered if it was a young one trying out the vocal chords or an adult half heartedly staking a claim on the territory.

A quiet Hoo-eet betrayed the presence of one of the Willow Warblers still around. They are so yellow that I'm sure they fool some people into thinking they've found something exotic.

Out in the large field there were several more Corn Buntings, there presence being given away by the "pwit" call given as they fly. They also often leave their legs dangling which helps separate then from other LBJ's (little brown jobs).

Looking up from here the Bluebird tea rooms and the monument stand out against the skyline in splendid isolation.
This is a delusion at the moment as anyone trying to park there early in the morning will quickly find out. It would seem that the car park has been featured as a good place for tourists to park overnight, presumably it is attractive because it is free. It must be on a German WEB page or camping magazine because all the Campers and mobile homes there are German. If the National Trust were alert they could start charging for the privilege of waking up to this view.

Moths Good and Bad news this morning. I caught a stunningly beautiful fresh Jersey Tiger last night, but it was very lively and flew off before I managed to get a photograph. Previously I caught one on Aug 9th 2006, but it was rather worn and tatty. I'm hoping this one might return to night but I think the odds are very long.

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