Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Spots before my eyes

Butterflies have been in the news this week, especially Small Tortoiseshells, with their numbers down by up to 80% in some areas.

It isn't only the Small Tortoiseshells that have been scarce locally, I've seen very few blues this year, this slightly worn Common Blue was in the paddock this afternoon, attracted to the wild Marjoram there.
There were also a number of Six-spot Burnet moths attracted to the herb. These are day flying moths with large clubbed antennae.

The Six-spot Burnet have comparatively large bodies don't look very moth look when they fly, being rather ponderous, but when they land their gaudy colours are revealed. The caterpillars feed on Birdsfoot Trefoil.

This small Cricket, presumably one of the early stages of one of the Bush-crickets or Coneheads caught my eye as I was photographing the moths. It was about 8mm long (not including the antennae).

At home the Jersey Tiger didn't reappear, but I did catch my sixth Langmaid's Yellow Underwing of the year.

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