Thursday, 4 September 2008

Dont know why theres no sun up in the sky, Stormy Weather

The weather's been bad, but not that bad! or is it?

I took this in Spitsbergen 26/6/2005

Today was so appalling that I didn't manage to get my camera out of it's bag for more than a few seconds, and then put it away again as the rain started coming down. I did catch up with some of the news of our environment and what the climate is doing. It is really hard to remember that we are in a time of climate change that means that the earth is warming to the extent that someone is attempting to canoe to the North Pole. Polar Bears are now at even greater risk, the melting ice means that they cannot travel the large distances they need to with out swimming huge distances. Meanwhile the State of Alaska, (yes with the Governor a Vice Presidential candidate) is suing the US Government for listing the Polar Bear as a threatened species, saying it harms oil and gas exploration in the state.
At the same time the warming of the oceans appears to be linked with the increased severity of hurricanes and tropical storms. The latest findings by James Elsner, a climatologist at Florida State University are published in Nature this week.


floribunda said...

sadly, that's the same governor who doesn't believe humans have anything to do with global warming...

that's a lovely photo today! I went to Kirkenes a couple of years ago, but didn't make it up to Polar Bear country.

Kingsdowner said...

Good grief, Amaerican politicians make you despair.
Presumably the same pressure groups are involved in calling for the use of DDT.