Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Moths into September

Although the variety of moths has been particularly low this last few days a few species, other than the dominant Large Yellow Underwings, have been quite numerous.

After being a noticeable absent in July and the first three weeks of August I've caught quite a few White-points in the last week. This moth is usually described as an immigrant although in Kent it may well have become a resident in the last few years.

The Square-spot Rustic is a common moth throughout the country, the adults are on the wing during August and September. It is a variable moth in ground colour but the basic pattern is always visible even in very dark specimens. The caterpillars are nocturnal and feed through the winter on various species of grasses.

The Small Square-spot above is double brooded with adults appearing in May and June and then in August and September. The majority of records I get is from the second brood, these out number the early ones by about four to one.
The Orange Swift is the latest of the Swifts, flying well into September. The males are smaller and brighter than the females. Like all of this family the caterpillars feed on the roots of various plants including Bracken, Dock and Vipers Bugloss. The Caterpillar lives a surprisingly long time, over-wintering twice before pupating.

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