Tuesday, 2 September 2008

September in the Rain

Now we are into September I'm told that "summer" is officially over.

Yesterday I was disappointed that there were few birds around. Today I never managed to find out whether there were any migrants at Bockhill as it rained, more or less continuously from before I got up at 6.30 a.m. until 5 p.m. The Bay looked very sad. Where it was full at The Bank Holiday, even if the visitors had their waterproofs ready, today it was totally deserted. The car park was full of puddles, expensively engineered last year and the cafe was closed.

Along Reach Road I did add Carrion Crow to my "birds on Straw Bales" set, even if it was one with a couple of odd white patches.

After a couple of days break I ran my moth traps last night, but it was a poor return, too windy, too cold and too wet. The only migrant was one Silver Y and there were no other unusual species.

September in the Rain, written by Warren and Dubin in 1937, there are at least 40 recorded version, the best known by Dinah Washington, even the Beatles did a version, in an audition for Decca, with Pete best drumming.


Pat said...

What ever happened to the seasons changing at the equinox I wonder?????

Tony Morris said...

I don't think that they ever did really. Signs of spring have always come long before the Spring equinox and summer certainly doesn't start then. Autumn is odd, it depends how you define it. If it's when Swallows and other migrants start to leave, then it starts in August! You pays your money and takes your choice.