Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Sit and wait and wait and wait................................

This is my new toy. A small portable hide. It may appear in various places, but it will just be me trying to get a picture.

Today I set up this "mini hide" over looking the drinking point for the ponies in the paddock. I've seen lots of birds coming to drink here and I thought that it would be fun to try and get some pictures.
The hide has a seat inside by there is little room for anything other that a tripod and camera. I had tried to get it in the right position for the sun, but of course as the sun move the light got worse. The birds were obviously cautious of this new "thing" that had sprouted there and very little came to drink in the time I was there. Perhaps there's a skill in siting the hide and timing might be critical.

A Blue Tit was the first to arrive but I hadn't though about the vegetation at the end of the tank and the bird was able to drink behind these brambles out of my view.

A Greenfinch did come and drink, but was half hidden behind the vegetation.

Finally a Blackcap arrived. The first I knew was when its head popped up over the top of the box that houses the tap.

Eventually it did get into the water to bathe but the tap housing remained in the way. One positive was that nobody came to see what was going on, although two dogs did have a good bark at this strange object. The best thing about it was I was relatively comfortable, but it's not a good idea to drink too many cups of tea before going in it.

This afternoon I passed a field that had be cut and there dozens of Swallows flying round it. I didn't seem much different to a lot of other fields around Martin, but this was the one that they chose. Many were landing on the ground for a few seconds or even minutes before continuing dashing round. These were presumably passage birds, but I don't know why there was such a high concentration in one place.

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Kingsdowner said...

Very nice Portaloo Tony!

Still, judging by the photos, it seems to work.
Have you thought of sitting in it at the water's edge at Pegwell Bay, watching the tide and waders come in?