Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Over View

On Saturday I decided to have a look at Western Heights. I remember Barry Wright saying that he thought it had some potential for turning up some good migrants.

Saturday wasn't a good day to look for birds up there with gale force winds from the west. From the lower part of the road there were some good views of the waves hitting the Harbour walls.

I did go down to try and get some closer pictures but the fine spray was blowing a long way in and salt water and cameras are not very compatible.

At the car park there are lots of information notices and some of them have remained un-vandalised. The area is large and as well as the boast that it is the gateway to the north downs it is also a site of historic interest.

The fine weather doesn't give any indication of just how windy it was up there. Looking north-east, across the harbour you can see the cliffs at Fan Bay and Langdon Bay and the coastguard station. To the lest is the formidable Dover Castle.
Immediately in front is the Western Docks and the marina. Two cruise ships are at the quay and the Speed Ferry is just entering the calmer waters. Considering how choppy the see is out side the harbour walls the sanctum of the Harbour must be quite a relief.

The St Martins Gun Battery dates back to 1870 when there were 10" canons installed. There were removed by 1908 and in 1940 new 6" breach loading guns were installed. Well actually there weren't that new, they were stock piled naval guns from World War I and earlier!
During the time I wandered round up there I completely failed to find any migrants, but next time in better conditions you never know.

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