Thursday, 11 September 2008

Totally Eclipsed

I've just started catching Lunar Underwings this week. This is an interesting and variable September moth. I didn't have many species in the trap and this was probably the most interesting. It's always good to see an old friend. I soon forgot my meagre catch when I got a text from Peter Wells to say he had a Convolvulus Hawk in his trap this morning. These migrant moths normally occur in September and October. I had one in 2003, found dead in Pam's greenhouse, and three in 2006, but none since. I hope Peters find is a prelude to some good migrants in the next few days.

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Peter Wells said...

Indeed it was a prelude, as I have also found Lunar Underwing in my trap, 2 distinct colour variuations, and a fine Dark Sword Grass which some say breeds in the UK
Peter W