Friday, 12 September 2008

Sunshine and Shadows

I went into Dover this morning and as usual I took the back way down. It was just as well. When I crossed over Jubilee Way the traffic into Dover was solid. The closing of the Tunnel after yesterdays fire has had a major affect on the traffic into Dover as everyone tries to get on a ferry.
By the time I'd done the things I needed to do in Dover the traffic was a bit lighter, but was still queuing down to the port from the A2 roundabout. It seems that the ferry service reacted well to the crisis and carried a huge number of extra lorries and cars across the Channel today.

This afternoon I had a stroll round the Paddock and Bockhill farm, much of the time in the company of Richard Heading. The company was good but the birds were sparse. We did encounter a flock of Long-tailed Tits and Goldcrests in the Pines at the corner of the Droveway. There were one or Chiffchaffs around, a Lesser Whitethroat tacking in the Freedown and a couple of Wheatears out in the field but little else. Feeling lazy I left Richard who carried on to Hope Point, and walked back to the cliff. Since he didn't phone I assume I didn't miss a mega rarity.

Back at the cliff top the lowish tide had left quite a lot of exposed shore and the sun was just low enough to cast a Shadow that more or less coincided with the edge of the sea. Earlier from the Bay I had noticed three Shags sitting out on the rocks, but from here they weren't visible.

This is a horrible photo, but I was intrigued by the number of white feather shafts visible on this Great-black Backed Gulls wing. Is that due to wear and tear?


Anonymous said...

No, it's due to the fact that the feathers are exposed by the missing, moulting coverts!

Tony Morris said...

Yup, that makes more sense, thanks.