Thursday, 9 October 2008

A borrowed patch - thanks Simon

I had to go to Ashford this afternoon, and as there was a KOS meeting in Maidstone I decided to carry on and borrow Simon's patch for an afternoon.

On the way I passed this balloon at Leeds Castle. I mused whether it was because the balloon had gone up with Iceland or as a tribute to Mr Darlings inflation rate?

Now looking at the pictures I took of Mote Park I couldn't understand the odd colour, until I realised I hadn't readjusted the colour temperature since Annie Get Your Gun last night.

I rather liked the stripy young Great Crested Grebes. In mild weather there's hardly a month when there aren't young around. Star of the day was a Kingfisher the flew by calling, before landing on the opposite side of the lake. A bird that we don't get to see very often at St Margaret's.

Despite the slightly odd colour, (not too bad with a bit of manipulation) it's obvious that there are a lot more leaves left on the trees than around here, I guess we get a lot stronger winds here than in the middle of the county.

The KOS meeting featured Eustace Barnes talking about Bhutan, surely one of the least spoilt countries left in Asia. With lots of interesting habitat shots and stunning birds Eustace must have left every one who hasn't been working out when to go.


Simon said...

Hi Tony

Hope you enjoyed your visit to Mote Park. Some nice photos Tony. Pleased you got to see the Kingfisher - I've managed to see on every visit for past month.

Tony Morris said...

Simon, I did, a pity I didn't have you as a guide, I'm sure I would have seen even more. Lots of Goldcrests calling and a few Chiffchaffs, but I probably missed some good bits in my short visit.