Saturday, 11 October 2008

You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows.

This morning while I should have been out birding I was battling with my computer to try and get it to do the things I wanted to do, as it had decided to reset various options so they didn't work. In the end I go some help from Alex Layfield, who advertises in the Parish News, if he remembers to place the advert!

When I did finally get to go out I walk round the village to try to find the Yellow-browed Warbler that Phil had been watching earlier this morning by the Village Hall. Needless to say I didn't see or hear it, so I went to the Church Yard where I've seen one in previous autumns. Looking up at the Weather Vane it indicated that it was still a gentle South Westerly. The forecast is for the wind to continue in this direction for a while, although towards the end of the week it will pick up to a stronger blow.

There were several Grey Squirrels in the Churchyard, so I had to try and not think the kind of thoughts that these horrors provoke in me. It's not because they're American, after all they didn't vote for George Bush, even a squirrel wouldn't be that stupid, but being an animal in the wrong place they just don't fit into the scheme of things. Despite their charming ways they are horribly destructive, and, I believe, one of the major causes of the drop in the number of some of our woodland bird species where they have become very numerous. They are very efficient predators of eggs and young and they also cause major damage to the regeneration of woodlands. So please don't encourage them in your garden (unless of course your in America).

There were several Red Admirals, probably attracted by all he Ivy in flower. This one paused to rest on some bright leaves that were in the sunshine. Insects use the heat of the sun to give then energy and the rate at which this one was flying round, when it got going again, it was certainly working.

I did find a few warblers in the area, but they were all Chiffchaffs. The Yellow-browed is a frustrating bird, it goes through periods when it gives its call incessantly and then when I start looking for it there is silence. There was another Yellow-browed Warbler in South Foreland Valley, but apart from these two local birds not too much was reported from Kent. Tomorrow though is another day.

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