Thursday, 13 November 2008

A claggy on the waggy

I went for a walk in the bay this morning. There was lots of beach exposed and I was going to walk along it. Fortunately I saw this first. And I'm afraid no doggy pooper scooper appeared.

It reminded me of an Ian Dury song, or one verse from it: The song is called :- This Is What We Find and this is the second verse:

Single bachelor with little dog Tony Green of Turnham Green
Said 'who's a clever boy then girl, now you know whom I mean'
For the mongrel laid a cable in the sandpit of the playground of the park where they had been
And with a bit of tissue, he wiped its bumhole clean

A bit of claggy on the waggy

The dog walker however wasn't a Single batchelor but a woman that didn't mind leaving her doggy's poo for the tide to wash away when it got there.

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Kingsdowner said...

You have an impressively broad knowledge of British culture Tony!