Thursday, 13 November 2008

High Tide Rock Pipits

I did catch up with some of the Rock Pipits that gather in the Bay a high tide, when their usual feeding areas are under water,

I quite like pipits, they are a great example of how evolution has evolved similar and closely related species to occupy different ecological niches.

The Rock Pipit is almost exclusively found along rocky coast lines and the shores and edges of saline rivers and marshes. The Water Pipit breeds at much higher elevations, on the Mountains of Europe, but some winter in the UK, normally on fresh water habitats. The other British species are Tree and Meadow Pipits, and their names pretty well give away their preferences.

This male Kestrel was sitting and watching the goings on, it might catch small birds but was probably taking invertebrates from the steep slopes to the cliff.

When I returned to my car four of the pipits were on the wall near the car.

Although I've been a bit scathing about the car park, this bit of habitat by the front wall is really good for small birds to feed in! Yes it is in the car park.

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