Friday, 14 November 2008

Whiter than Chalk

I've always liked the textures that the pebbles and cliff make as they meet the layers of chalk pavement. Some how this is enhanced by the presence of Little Egrets, even whiter than the chalk, feeding in the pools.

As the tide come in this Egret retreats up the beach.

Eventually these two arrived at the final part of the bay still above the tide.

I did try and sneak closer, but they had managed to get in an area visible from way off, but hidden by the cliff when I got closer. When the tide reached this area they flew out of the bay and to the right.

Just outside the bay the remnants of one of the last large cliff falls still reaches into the sea. At high tide a lot of birds gather on it. Once again this spot becomes invisible behind the cliff as you get closer round the bay. It's hard to see from the photo just how far the "rubble" is behind the cliff. This picture and the enlargement below was taken from about 400 yards away. The black dot on the end is a Shag.

Even from that distance I realised that the two white blobs that had left the beach had now become three whit blobs. I didn't see all three feeding together when the tide was lower and this is the first time that I have seen three together in the bay.

On a completely different subject I was watching the Starlings in the garden today. Their number has greatly increased in the last week or so and when looked at closely I think that their winter plumage id fantastic. Shame about the tatty feeder it's on, but it didn't seem to mind.

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