Saturday, 15 November 2008


Today I noticed a lot of Gull noise along the cliff. Getting as near the edge as I dare (that's not very as I am not good looking over the edge) I looked back at the cliff that was visible

I could just make out a bird sitting on a projection a couple of hundred yards away.

I couldn't get closer, so this is an enlargement from the vantage point I had.

These Rooks seemed to have some synergy with the cattle. It may be that the cattle brought a food supply with them.

Rooks have very distinctive beaks when they are adult birds and I like the glossy feathers.

At the moment Pheasants seem very obvious, feeding right out into the fields, another set of glossy plumage.

I've mentioned how many Wood Pigeons there are around, it's worth looking out for Stock Doves among the hordes, they are a bit smaller and much shyer.

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