Sunday, 28 December 2008

Back for Waxwing Seconds.

Although I'd been to see the Waxwings at Folkestone last Tuesday, I had to go back in the hope of more prolonged views in better light.

Last time I was here there was no sun and only seven Waxwings. Today there were about 30 Waxwings and although it was cold the sun shone and the light was glorious.

Although all Waxwings are beautiful the first winter birds are not as bright as the adults.

They were feeding on the berries and appeared ravenous. Although they were quite confiding every now and again they flew back up to the top of the poplars by B&Q.

The hungry birds were gulping whole berries and at times you could see the strangely shaped tongue.
The adult birds showed the bright edges to the primary feathers and they have small waxy red tips to the secondary feathers.

Once they were full the flew off to rest until the next bout of eating commenced. There are more photos of these Waxings here.


Gerald said...

Very nice Tony. Like the one with the bird taking off.

Tony Morris said...

Thanks Gerald, that's my favourite too.

Pat said...

These are a beautiful birds and these are great photographs.

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Stunning shots!