Monday, 29 December 2008

It's all about getting the right angle.

Although the Night Heron by the dam at the Royal Military Canal near Hythe has been there a while I took some time to go and see it.

When I got there it was right by the Dam and only a few people, also z-team members were there. The first views had a few reeds in the way and there was a young lad photographing it from here.

A little further up, and through the gate, allowed close views and a slightly less obscured view.

Twenty yards beyond the gate, and looking slightly back, gave completely unobstructed views. On the way back I let the young photographer know that it was OK to go through the gate, and that the view was better. I hope he took my advice and got a good shot for his album. It's good to see youngsters in the field, it is all too often the case that most people in a birding group are almost as old as me! As expected the bird did very little and could have been a cardboard cut out, if it hadn't yawned once, and I'd put my camera away by then.

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