Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Pigeon Hole

December can be very birdless at St Margaret's unless the weather brings us refugees from the north that are trying to avoid a particularly bad spell.

I thought that this Black-headed Gull was looking particularly smart, showing off its red flippers.

This relic, left over from the war seems to have become refuge for Pigeons.

While I was wasting time, looking a nothing much in the bay, I noticed an unopened message on my phone. As usual I'd left it in my coat pocket so hadn't heard the message arrive yesterday. It was news of some Lapland Buntings seem by Peter Wells on the other side of the village. Of course when I phoned I only got the answering service, Peter being almost as likely as me not to know where he phone is (according to his message). I did find a good flock of Chaffinches in the area, but no Lapland Buntings, I guess they will have moved on.

There was a discussion on KOSnet last week about the rise in the numbers of Green Woodpeckers, and as I regularly seem to find them in from of my lens they do seem common round here. This one was feeding by the large pile of manure along Collingwood Road. I imagine that the rotting straw must both help kept the near by temperature up and attract a fair few insects.

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