Monday, 1 December 2008

No WInd Farm!

The bay at high tide was quiet with just a few Black-headed Gulls bathing in the large pond, or puddled car park.

The sea was fairly gentle, unlike Venice there were no flood warnings here.

There was one surprise, a single Brent Goose drifted round the southern edge of the bay and out of sight.
From the house I could see the "blimp" at Langdon. From my landing window the height of it, moored where the top of the Wind turbine would be, if planning permission is given, was a frightening reminder of the horrible desecration of the landscape it will bring. The worst thing is that from all the information I can find it is obvious that schemes like this do NOTHING towards helping the environmental problems with global warming. So inefficient are they, when all the infrastructure "carbon" costs are included that they are not in credit by the time that they are due to be decommissioned. It is a con, by the Government and by the Electrical industry, with the tax payer the financial victim and the residents the environmental victims.

I went along to the site to get a closer look. Let us hope that the hard work of the LANGDON ACTION GROUP pays dividends and the application is turned down.

Near by I noticed a few thrushes in a small field a few thrushes fooeding, but the two Miatle Thrushes that I intended to target (with my camera) decided to fly the moment I put the car window down, leaving this Song Thrush, along with several Blackbirds.

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