Sunday, 7 December 2008


I couldn't resist yet another picture of a Kestrel, but I liked the way this female was showing its bright yellow feet. Although they are quite numerous in the area, this one was on the Lees, this morning, I see far more Sparrowhawks in the garden. Yesterday a Kestrel spent some time hovering over the front garden, although it didn't drop down in pursuit of any prey.

I watched a pair of Blue Tits in the garden feeding on this Birch tree. Much of the tree seems to have suddenly died, there were very few leave on it this year, and I've no idea why. The Tits were feeding up and down the trunk, one of them doing a good imitation of a Treecreeper for a while.
There no particular point to putting this picture in, other than I always enjoy the moon shining out on a cold winters day. In fact the sun this afternoon was quite warm and I saw two Red Admirals flying in the garden.


Richard said...

Hi Tony,
I'm a big fan of your blog and enjoy the moths and bird photographs very much. Do you mind me asking what camera and lenses you use?

Tony Morris said...

Hi Richard, thanks for the comment. For the past year or so it's been a Cannon 40D with a 100-400mm IS zoom. Before that I used a 10D with the same lens (this packed up the week befor I went to Australia so I was forced to upgrade!). I also use a short zoom, first it was an old Canon 25-70. Then a sigma 18-55mm. Then I had all my gear stolen (not the coolpix) and I bought the same Camera and 100-400mm and a 17-85mm Canon IS Lens. For most moths and close ups I use an old Nikon 4500 Coolpix. I use Adobe photo elements 7 for a bit of cropping, shadow adjustment and sharpening (but not too much I hope).