Monday, 8 December 2008

What horsey done that Mr Baker?

My favourite TV programme ever is Mash, I've got every episode on tape and after all these years it still hasn't been surpassed as a satire on human stupidity. But that's getting away from the subject. When Col. Potter called something a load of horse manure I don't think that this is what he had in mind.

Anyone in the are with roses should be doing quite well if they pay this mountain a visit, it was really steaming today. It isn't pretty and it doesn't smell that great either, but instinctively I feel sure it will attract a few birds, that might one day include something good.

Fortunately I've got a bit of a cold and my nose isn't working that well, but even so it was a brave deed to sit and watch and wait for a few minutes this afternoon. Birder like keeping lists, life list, garden list, patch list etc, but I never though I'd be compiling a pile of manure list. I did include the adjacent hedge on the grounds that it was probably the steaming mound that was attracting the insects that in turn would attract the birds, but in fact the ivy covered trees probably had plenty of food for the birds that were there anyway. The first bird to drop in to the whatsit was this Pied Wagtail.

It seem quite at home in its centrally heated surroundings.

It was soon joined by a couple of Chaffinches. I also saw a couple of Blackbirds and Greenfinches disappearing behind the pile.

A few Yellowhammers were around, but they seemed to stay in the hedge, along with at least two Goldcrests that were feeding in the Ivy.

This is a find the bird picture, there are three but it isn't a prize winner. If you include the Green Woodpecker that was feeding there the other day the list is mounting. I must remember to take a peg with me next time.


Warren Baker said...

There's nothing like a good pile of manure to bring in the birds! I find well rotting cow manure is better than horse though, good for wheatear in the spring.

Graham James said...

Great blog, Tony,
Will be folowing it regularly.