Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A view to fight for.

Curlews have always held a fascination for me. That beak is amazing. It has to perform such accurate tasks and it looks so cumbersome to use. Have you ever watched one preening, it really is a skillful operation.

When it comes to extracting a worm out of the ground the beak must have some extremely sensitive nerves in the tip for it to be able to feel and grip the worm. I watched about a dozen on Worth Marshes in a little detour from Deal.

On my way back via East Langdon I was amused by this Pheasant. It was striding across the field, until I stopped the car, whereupon it lay down on the ground and obviously thought that it was invisible, but of course the grass was too short to hide it. A touch of the Ostrich syndrome?

A6t East Langdon I stopped at the gate of Enifer Downs form to look at the cattle. The notice says that they have a herd of Pedigree South Devons, and since I'm no expert I suppose that these are them. The brown ones are what I expected, but the very pale and grey ones are not like the ones in my I-spy book!

I thought that this looked a splendid beast, I really picturesque site in the English rural scene, but for how long? Imagine this with a background of five whining 120 metre high wind turbines, a thought that I find repulsive. Not that I'm not green, I am very much in favour of a proper strategy to combat global climate change. But these schemes will do nothing towards that end, but will make some people very much better off, while doing environmental damage.

Having said all that, this guy is a really splendid looking animal.


Graham James said...

Superb photos, yet again, Tony

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony. I don`t know how true it is, but i heard the other day that the cost to build & run wind turbines is`nt doing anything for the environment. By the time they`ve paid for themselves, they`ll be due for decomissioning. Pretty much a waste of time then, really.

Tony Morris said...

Dean I believe you are absolutely correct especially in small projects. They are purely a palliative to make the public think something is being done. At the same time it makes the energy industry a lot of money through subsidies and the land owner about 15K per annum per turbine for the land etc.