Friday, 9 January 2009

All fluffed up.

Anyone who thinks that Lars Jonsson paints his birds too round and fluffy should look at the shapes our birds have adopted to trap air in their feathers during the heavy frosts.

This Grey Wagtail looks as if it has been visiting the local Burger Bar.

Little Grebes always look fluffy and are really small little birds. I tried to get a picture of one in mid-dive today, but it's much more difficult than I thought it would be. There isn't much change between this resting attitude that they adopt as the move around.

And this slightly head forward posture that immediately precedes the little jump and dive.

This was as good as I got and it isn't sharp on the head. I think you need a super fast motor drive to get the full series.

The last you see is the little pointed bum as it dive under the surface.

Although it is only small it does manage quite a good splash in the going, going, gone series.


Pat said...

The Grrey Wagtail doesn't look too pleased at your comment! Is it you or your camera that's amazing?

Tony Morris said...
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Tony Morris said...

It's the bird, I just point and press, hope you're both OK now.