Thursday, 8 January 2009

A foggy Day and a cold night.

The little Crab Apple tree at the bottom of the garden has a good crop this year. A few years ago there was a Waxwing on the tree for just a few minutes, before it was scared off by a Jay. They're ready and waiting this year, but so far no visitors.

In the foggy gloom that surrounded St Margaret's today a group of Starlings looked like good candidates when they arrived, but alas they were what they seemed, but I will keep looking in case Waxwings decide to drop in.

Out of the Village, along Upper Road the fog was pretty thick and birding was not very productive, but this Crow at least put in an appearance.

Looking towards Dover the sun did try to peep through but made little impact. Down in the Bay things were different. For some reason the visibility was much better and there were a few birds visible. I did find one Red-throated Diver a few hundred metres out and a few Fulmars were gliding around, although I couldn't find any Auks.
Coming back from Maidstone tonight, the temperature was down at -4 deg C but the sky was clear and the fog had disappeared.

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