Monday, 12 January 2009

A case of Pipits and Wagtails

Unlike in last weeks fog we did have the bottom half of the Radio Masts visible in today's drizzly sea fog.

It is only about the bottom third that's visible, on on the damp weather there are few birds about.

Down in the Bay, at high tide I was somewhat surprised, and pleased to find a Grey Wagtail, along with two Pied Wagtails and about six Rock Pipits feeding along the sea wall and occasionally on the rowing boats, moored on the beach.

This male Pied Wagtail was quite belligerent and continuously chased the female away, as if there wasn't enough room for both of them.

Once summer comes Herring Gulls can be very smart and strut their stuff in style, but this one is still at a very scruffy stage in its development.

The Rock Pipits and Pied Wagtails use the railing quite a lot, and I waited in vain for them to perch next to each other.

In the end I took separate pictures and let photo-shop knit them together. It does show that the camera, or the results, can lie. I think that it is a fairly convincing fake!

There was little else to see, all the Gulls were either Black-headed or Herring Gulls, with the exception of a couple of Common Gulls. The only other birds I saw at sea were three Fulmars, the visibility was quite limited.

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