Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A Mediterranean Day

After spending time with Pete (my eldest son) being re-educated about Gulls, and in particular Caspian Gulls, I've been looking with renewed interest at the Gulls in the area.

Having had now luck at the Bay I decided to have a quick look at Folkestone, at least I thought I'd see some Mediterranean Gulls, that would with luck be available for a photograph. When I arrived at Wear Bay Road, a favourite spot for the Gulls, the view back to Dover showed just why it had been so foggy on the top, but clear here. The layer of foggy cloud dropped about a third of the way down the cliff and then all was clear at the bottom.

There were at least six Mediterranean Gulls walking about on the grass at the top of the cliff, but as I got myself ready to go and take pictures the dreaded sight of the dog walker appeared and within seconds all I had to look at were the Gulls circling around while the others made off, out to sea. The adult above didn't hang around long, before disappearing towards the houses.

I didn't do a good job trying to get this second year bird, but the black primary tips and pure whaie tail can be seen.

The lamp-posts along this road are often adorned by Meds, and this adult was very cooperative.

It will probably only be a few week before it gets its' black head, but the winter pattern is very distinctive.

Down in the harbour, in the fading light, almost obligatory for gull watching, I failed to find anything that vaguely looked like a Yellow-legged or a Caspian Gull. They get the regularly a DUngeness and they must occur here at times, so it must be a matter of try, try and try again, that is until I get bored again with gulls.

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Warren Baker said...

Med. Gull is on my short-list for the next patch tick at pittswood. fingers crossed!