Monday, 19 January 2009

One Less Hairdresser one more Tea Room.

The two shops at the end of the Droveway had been empty for a while, but now they are getting readied for opening, I'll update when the day comes.

More of a surprise was the "conversion" of the hairdressers into a "tea room". I wish them well, but the winter months must be difficult. With the Old Chapel and the Museum Tea Room we will be well served with cups of tea,. I haven't been in Shelly's yet, I'm trying to shed a few pounds and I might find the cream teas to much of a temptation if I went in.


The FrogBlogger said...

From your comment on "Days on the Claise" to St Margaret's at Cliffe... the bloggosphere is a fascinating medium. Dropped by after seeing your profile - nice to see and read about at area that I once knew well, having lived not far inland from you, in Eythorne.

I bet St Margaret's has changed a bit since I was last there, in the early 80s! I'll have a more in-depth browse through your blog later... used to go for a pint at the Coastguard (?) now and again.

mattcush said...

you must drop in for a scone homemade and a hot chocolate made with real chocolate i've been back three times and last time had a potato enough to feed a family of four

Anonymous said...

St Margarets is lovely and Shelley's Tea Room is a great addition. It is lovely in there, and a great stop on the beautiful walks in the area, I wish it every success.