Friday, 27 February 2009

Siskins in the Garden.

The change in weather often brings a change in the make up of the birds coming to feed in the garden.

Yesterday a small group (at least three) of Siskins arrived. Although they are winter visitors to Kent I seldom see them outside the migration times of September/October and March/April. Those that stay into the spring often sing, as if in their territories, it would be good if a pair stayed to breed.

I was quite surprised to see a couple of male Common Pochards on the Restharrow Scrape. I always think of these diving ducks being on deeper waters that the shallow lake here. They are quite handsome birds when they get close, the bright eye really stands out.

The main food is aquatic vegetation, but the also will take some invertebrate animals.

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Warren Baker said...

Really great photo's today Tony. The light on that Siskin is superb. had a couple in my garden today.