Saturday, 28 February 2009

Winter Bird Survey.

I did the second timed visit to my BTO tetrad today. It was the last day in the period so I only just made it.

Much of my tetrad looks like the pictures above and below, consequently there isn't a great density or variety of birds in winter.

There are some borders that used to be hedges that have a few bushes and fences, but the great majority is large open fields. Some of these are used by Rooks and Jackdaws from the village rookery, and Skylarks also winter.

Wallets court is in the tetrad and also the church of St Peters, these areas do have some different habitats.

Along one of the fence lines there was a pair of Stonechats this morning. This is the first time I've seen them here, but they can easily go missing if you are just walking through the area.

I heard what sounded like Golden Plovers several times but couldn't find them when I scanned the fields, then they obligingly flew over me and a group of five dropped into the field in front of me.

Even then I really struggle to find them on the ground. The field had little hollowws and slopes so that they easily disappeared .

When they did fly my auto focus was too slow/insensitive to pick them up against the background, so all I got was a blurr.


Mark Wallet said...

There is very good birding to be had around Nuclear Power Stations, Tony. If you move next to one (since we know you love them so) you will get an even better view :) The two-header starling is a particularly common site I understand.

Tony Morris said...

I'll look out for one next time I'm at Dungeness

Anonymous said...

Dungeness, such a beautiful sight. We're all amazed you don't build a house right next door to it Tony... I mean who wants a windfarm with such a beautiful structure?