Sunday, 1 March 2009

Retreating Cliff Top.

A misty start to the day but it was still possible to see the latest large chunk of cliff to fall into the sea.

It doesn't look that much from the photo, but it's a long was down and some of those lumps of chalk are pretty large boulders. It makes that part of the shore look so clean, the slightly paler area nearer to the view point is from a fall about six years ago. We live about 1 Km back from the cliff top, so I reckon that it will be a while before the cliff erodes back to us, a good few centuries in fact.

Just below the view point a pair of herring Gulls were calling continuously, I wasn't sure if there was something around that was upsetting them, Jack told me he'd seen "the thing" (escaped falcon) around last week, but I couldn't see it around today.

One of them did have a fly round and not long after there was a huge commotion of Herring Gull calls as the whole of the local population escorted a Grey Heron as it flew along the cliff top.

Out in the fields the Rooks and Jackdaws were feeding noisily, they are early breeders and the Rookery in the village is already a noisy hive of activity.

In the garden the Great Tits were noisy, it's too early for them to nest but not too early for them to be making a claim for the nest box they want.

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