Monday, 23 March 2009

Birding in the Playground

We Spent Mothering Sunday in Walthamstow, and a great day it was, with Simon, Rocio and Sam.

In the afternoon Sam took us to the playground. First she showed us how to enjoy the small slide.
Then he took Simon down the big slide. This one is good, it gives all the dads a good excuse to have a slide!

Up on the deck Same found some "binoculars". What could he find in E17? We got the species list up to six!
The commonest were the Pigeons flying round the Pub.

A bit of a surprise was this Grey Heron low over the roofs. The reservoirs aren't that far away, and there are some ponds in the nearby remnants of Epping Forest.

Nearby a Magpie called from a tree, and we also saw a Sparrowhawk circling high up. Two Canada Geese flew over on a similar route to the Heron and a noisy flock of House Sparrows chased around in a nearby garden. I was pleased to see so many House Sparrows, given that they are having a bad time in terms of their numbers. Further into London they are extremely scarce and nationwide there is a big drop in population.

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