Friday, 20 March 2009

Love is......

The large passage of Chaffinches that has been apparent at our 'Vis mig' watching point by the Monument has been reflected this week by the number appearing in the garden.

My early morning cuppa was brightened this morning by the site of a stunning male Brambling under the feeders, with the Chaffinches, outside my study window. Last year the first spring one in the garden was on the 18th March. I may have missed one yesterday as I thought I may have seen a white rump as the Chaffinch flock flew off yesterday evening. I just go this one quick picture, through the window before they were disturbed, possibly by a Sparrowhawk passing through unseen by me.

Coal Tits have appeared in the garden on only a handful of occasions since I've lived here, so one returning for the second day was a surprise. Even more surprising was that it hung around the garden singing. This, was not appreciated by the Blue Ti pair that has been prospecting the nearest nest box to the house. Each time the Coal Tit settled down they gave chase.

It did get a bit of peace and quiet on the other side of the house, in our smaller feeding area, and even managed to spend time on a sunflower seed feeder.

Once again there was a dearth of small birds along the cliff top, when will the Wheatears arrive here? The Fulmar nest site that I've watched for the last couple of years has gone! It appears that this chunk of cliff has fallen into the sea. The birds that were using this hole or another pair were sitting on a ledge just below and were a delight to watch.

They sat quietly next to each other and then after a bit of bill and head wagging gently touched bill that looked like a display of affection, but I suppose that this is a bit of anthropomorphism.

Once this had finished they proclaimed their state of euphoria to the world, throwing their heads back and calling their low cackling "song".

Moths A Twin-spotted Quaker was then only new species for the year, out of a total of 11 moths of three species last night.

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