Sunday, 17 May 2009

Feeding the Kids

The Great Tits nesting in the garden are working hard to feed their growing brood.

This afternoon when I was in the garden it seemed that every minute or so one was in and out of the box.
I think I need a high speed flash to stop the action as they dash out of the nest hole and off to gather more food.

Some of the time they were visiting the feeders, which worries me a bit, but I thin that this must be mainly to feed themselves. Most of the time they were returning with natural prey, such as this moth.

Quite a lot of caterpillars were also arriving, I haven't yet managed to identify any, but if I can get some better photos I'll have a go. This may be the reason my moth count is down, although I haven't found one in the trap yet!

This evening Pam and I had a very nice meal in the Coastguards to celebrate 44 years of marriage. Another 44 years might be difficult, but I did read of the lady who was complaining about the birthday cards she got from the Queen, she was 109, so there's hope we could almost get there!


Dean said...

Congratulations on your anniversary, Tony.

I wish i was as skilled as the birds at finding moth caterpillars. It might even boost my moth list.

Tony Morris said...

Thanks Dean,
yes it only takes about 30 seconds in the tree and it's back with another one!

Bullofthe Bog said...

Well done that's 16,060 days!
Cheers Steve

Tony Morris said...

Thanks Steve, but you forgot the 10 leap years (2000 wasn't one)it is 16070 days, 385680 hours, 23140800 mins or even 1388448000 seconds, so make every one count!