Saturday, 16 May 2009

Midnight feast

I've been putting a plate of peanuts out for the Badgers that come into the garden. They normally come very late, 1-2 am and I seldom see them at the moment. Sometimes a Hedgehog comes and gets a few earlier. One of the Badgers has also learnt to open the door of a "Greenhouse type" of conservatory on the side of the house. I even move a 25kg bag of sand that I put to hold the door closed. I've had to stop storing my bin of peanuts in there!

I took this picture, with the camera flash, through the close window and it had little affect on the Hedgehog, and it just got on with eating.

When I slowly slid the door open it did hesitate for a few seconds but soon the lure of the peanuts overcame its' caution.

But after one flash it put its' head down and stayed like that until I completely disappeared. Hedgehogs often stay ate the plate for quite a long time but don't actually eat many nuts. Badgers on the other hand seldom leave any behind.

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