Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Summertime Blues

For some reason I associate blue butterflies with warm weather and sunshine, today we got one out of two. The sun was shining but it still was relatively cool.

The bank along the side of the paddock, just before the Monument car park, has always been a favourite spot of mine for watching butterflies. Because of the slope you can often get a good angle as the blues, skippers and coppers land on the various flowers almost at eye level.

Although I know that there are Adonis Blues around I only managed to see a couple of Common Blues. The colour still is striking and the furry bodies makes them a stunning insect.

Back in the garden I was pleased to see a pair of Long-tailed Tits coming down to drink. Although they are common in the area and frequently pass through the garden this is the first time I've watched them in the bird bath.

Once they get wet they very quickly loose their sleek smart appearance.

This little guy was in and out of the water, and its feathers began to look like wet fur.

Finally the bedraggled pair finished their bathing and moved off down the garden.

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Warren Baker said...

nice post tony.
Enjoyed the pics . today